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Our OWB Range3 Holster rides close to the body and offers a smooth shoot ready draw. 
The Range3 comes standard with 1.5 inch belt Quick Loops (1.75"optional).
BLH's innovative Quick-Loop system provides a secure foundation, yet affords the wearer quick on and off the belt access
without removing the belt, making this pancake design holster a leader in the industry.
 A newly designed mounting platform for our Q-Loops offer the ability to adjust the height and cant (angle)
of the holster in minutes using only a Phillips head screw driver to achieve a custom comfort fit specific to your needs.
 A wrapping, hugging 90/10% molding process keeps the gun close to the body to prevent printing through cover garments.
 A full length sweat shield protects the body & clothing from rigid slide serrations and aids in smooth, easy one handed re-holstering.
 All these features combined with a smooth shoot ready grasp right from the start of the draw makes this holster 
a favorite among many LEO and Armed professionals across the country.
 BLH has worked extensively with seasoned gun toting and training professionals to bring you the best we can offer...we are so
confident in our designs, we offer a no questions asked, 100% refund policy if you are not satisfied with your holster!
 All Blue Line Holsters' products have been designed & engineered by professionals for professionals.

Bluelineholsterscom products are Hand Made in the U.S.A. and have a lifetime guarantee*.

Our design approach is simple...Because simple does not fail in the field, less gizmo equals less trouble.

Our products are made only from premium .080" KYDEX®
 sheets that are thermo molded to ensure a precise fit.

BLUE LINE HOLSTERS,LLc is compiled of craftsmen which carry guns for a living! 

We've learned a lot over the years of being armed on and off the job and incorporate our experience into each holster we make!

 When you receive your products from BLUE LINE HOLSTERS,LLc you can rest assured that it 
was hand made and it's workmanship verified from the beginning.